Q: What types of games do you have? Can I play them? Do I have to pay quarters/tokens/card swipes to play them?
A: We have real arcade machines, pinball machines, and gaming consoles, that you may touch and play, "unlimited" (no coins required), that range from around 1950 to present!

Q: Do you accommodate birthday parties and other parties at Gameseum?
A: YES! See our PARTIES >> page.

Q: May I bring my child to Gameseum?
A: YES! Gameseum is a hands-on attraction suitable for children of most energy levels and ages. We have step stools to borrow for free for kids who cannot reach the machines or see well enough without them. However, this implies you will be there with them, children under a certain age must be supervised at all times by a parent or 18+ guardian. You are responsible for your children at all times.

Q: Are you handicapped accessible?
A: YES! Our building is handicapped accessible! However, most games were built for standing by the manufacturer, and require varying levels of movement to operate. While you'll be able to enter the building and see our historic items & games, you may want to consider a spectator pass as a handicapped customer that feels like they may not be able to operate games comfortably.

Q: What are your hours? Are you open seven days a week?
A: YES! We ARE open seven days a week! To see our hours, please visit our HOURS >> page.

Q: Do I need to bring quarters/tokens, or pay-per-play at all?
A: NO! We are a unique unlimited-play arcade, using real previously-coin-operated games that have now been adjusted to be play without needing coins.

Q: Since it is "unlimited play", does that mean the games are never-ending, invincible, or easier?
A: NO! They are unlimited in how many times you can start/restart them, NOT unlimited in lives - that'd be no fun! Games still end as normal and the challenge is still the exact same, only the coin system is bypassed - game features are unchanged. Games that have "continues" are unlimited to continue here as well, however the game will still ask if you wish to continue. (10... 9... 8... etc.) No worries, they still give their same ol' challenge!

Q: Is Gameseum recommended for novice and expert players alike... more than original arcades?
A: YES! A unique part about our revolutionary Gameseum system is that since you are now playing "unlimited" and games are free to start/restart, novice players will not find their quarters/credits disappearing after quickly losing lives and are free to "try try again" to their hearts' content - unlike old arcades, great for young kids! Before, a novice player and an expert player would walk into a coin arcade and whoever was the best could play for hours while the other could only play for minutes - at Gameseum, everybody plays for hours and is restricted by personal choice, not lack of ability/skill! Expert players will enjoy unlimited attempts at setting a high score and real original gameplay/challenges; as mentioned in the last answer we do not make the games any easier or add unlimited lives, just "unlimited" in how many times you can start them! And so many more benefits... for both types of player! Perfect for kids and adults - at Gameseum you play for REAL FUN, not just to try and make your quarter last!