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One of our area's most popular gifts this year! A gift great for ALL AGES, boys and girls, men and women! EVERYBODY loves Gameseum! Picking a gift more universal has never been easier... get some for the whole family!

Delivers via e-mail within 24 hours: Print it out at home, or go paperless and show it on your mobile device when attending! Quick & easy!

Only $25.00 + tax

Each certificate is valid for one person, as are our standard all-day passes. Expires 1 year from purchase.

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Certificates available here online from December 2nd to December 23rd, 2019

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*Delivery e-mail should be your e-mail, but can be the recipient's e-mail directly if you don't mind them receiving it early (within 24 hours of purchase): We recommend using your e-mail address, so the gift does not arrive early, and then forwarding the e-mail via your e-mail provider on the date of your choosing. And no... if you came up with "Option C", it's not a good idea: Do not wait to buy until Christmas Eve/Morning just to have it sent directly to them from us on the proper date - like with any gift, a middleman and early purchase is implied: Not only will it not get in there in time, but our webhost will also be under heavy load, and so will your internet provider! We will not be selling certificates December 24th & December 25th for this reason. Like with any e-Gift, a simple forwarding of an e-mail is super easy!

Extra secure payment: Payment information is processed directly via PayPal (including credit/debit option - powered by PayPal), and is passed DIRECTLY into PayPal's secure widget and is not set to, nor through, our website whatsoever.

Want to pay with CASH? Of course we can't take it here online, but feel free to stop in store!

The usual fine print: Expires 1 year from purchase date, non-refundable, non-transferable, no cash value, only usable during normal operating dates & hours. One certificate = one unlimited non-time-based free play for one person up until closing time that day (the amount of theoretical value in the pass is based on how the receiving person utilizes it, i.e. the person showing up at 12 hours before closing time will find more personal value in the pass than the one coming 1 hour before closing time, but that is "on them" to decide). Not a "gift card", no cash value and can only be used for redeeming in exchange for one all-day pass at the time of the visit: cannot be split into multiple lower passes/denominations (in one visit or multiple visits), nor used for drinks, merchandise, etc.. Not for resale. Cannot be redeemed for another certificate. Usable, by a single person, solely for unlimited-play until closing time that day. By purchasing any quantity of certificates you explicitly agree to these terms!