Gameseum's Delayed Opening & Awesome Renovations... good things come to us who wait!

The current Gameseum opening wait (and delays involved) is caused by a renovation being done to our building by the building's owner before we can move in, which has extended longer than promised. Despite this, it's definitely an awesome reason to wait because it's going to be fantastic for our use and is very major, and has a lot of great features designed to accomodate us well. This is not a Gameseum renovation (so please understand we're not in charge, can't make it go any faster, don't have all the information/time estimates, and are on the sidelines and being patient like you!), but will definitely benefit Gameseum and has a lot of cool features designed and curtailed to us! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, IT IS VERY APPRECIATED!

We are certainly not letting this waiting time go to waste and wisely to continue improve our games and working on the fine details of getting them ready to go during this time... watch some of this process over on our Facebook page (main social media outlet for us):

Live Opening Updates:

Red: Major Updates
Blue: Semi-Major Updates
Gray: Outdated Updates (Ignore!)