Welcome to Gameseum! Gameseum is a hands-on arcade and museum planned for Ephrata, PA. Pioneered and owned by 19-year-old Steven Van Splinter Jr., it features his personal collection of real genuine coin-operated machines from the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, and so on. Featuring around 80+ real machines you can touch and play (no coins required), you are invited to come take a trip back in time and re-acquaint with old and new friends, such as PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Vs. Excitebike, Space Invaders, Millipede, and much much more. We have newer games too, like House Of The Dead 3! This is the real deal down to the little details - these are the real machines that were in the arcades, pizza parlors, and movie theaters of the past 70 years! Each arcade machine even features the original tube-style monitor screen, which Steven has learned to professionally service to keep the pictures bright and the play-experience as original as possible. We also feature game consoles such as the Nintendo GameCube, Atari 2600, Nintendo NES, and more - all for your play and enjoyment, each in their own personal exhibit complete with informative signs. We commonly do events such as Mario Party (Gamecube) events, movie nights, game tournaments, glow/blacklight nights, and much more. We're revolutionizing the arcade world: With a clean comfortable atmosphere and an "unlimited play" affordable hourly-rate admission price (no fussy coins needed!), arcades have never been this AWESOME!

Gameseum is an ALL-AGES facility - while we're considered a "museum", you won't break anything - so bring the kiddos! We have stools for younger arcade enthuiasts.

Using a proprietary system, we operate on an pay-per-hour admission basis. Our machines are all set and/or modified to be completely free to play, so leave your coins at home! Pay a cheap, simple hourly rate and play as much as you want! No coins or tokens to fuss with, just walk up and push start!

We also have a snack bar, table-games section, and many exhibits and memoribilia pieces to browse.

We work very hard to ensure our facility is clean, attractive, and fun! While many arcades were dank and dark back in the day, we decided to bring the machines and leave the uncomfortableness as a thing of the past!

Come visit later this year on Route 272 in Ephrata, PA!

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The term and name "Gameseum" is a registered trademark of Gameseum, LLC.

Map currently shows generic 272 location - will be updated once we secure our location!

Monday12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Thursday12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Friday12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Saturday12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Sunday10:30 AM - 10:00 PM

These hours are subject to change. Keep a lookout on our Facebook page for notices of snow closures, private parties, and other changes/closures.

Our awesome system here at Gameseum tracks the time you've spent in the arcade and you pay at the end of your desired time spent at the arcade. All games are set to "free play" - from the time you enter until you decide to leave, you are absolutely free to play as many games as you like across our entire selection, which includes all pinball, arcade, and console games. As our system is seamless so you can play uninterrupted, you will need to keep track of your time spent and check out when you are finished - time is tracked and calculated automatically via computer. There is a 7 minute grace period on all timers.

While our primary rate is hourly, we do offer a half-hour extension/standalone for your convenience. We do offer a slight eventual bonus (as shown) for staying longer - the more you play, the less you pay!

The minimum time we offer is 30 minutes and the maximum is 12 hours if you arrive at opening. Please consider if leaving early or entering only for a time shorter than 30 minutes, that all time spent automatically rounds up to the nearest half-hour as per our system.

Special Event Pricing

Here at Gameseum, we often host different exciting events and other things for the general public, often at reduced or special pricing. Many of these occur during normal business hours, so plan accordingly!

For more event details on all events below, click the "EVENTS" tab at the top of the page.


Gameseum offers a one of a kind party atmosphere for birthdays and other parties! Not only will you already be in one of the coolest and most unique attractions in the world, you'll be chilling in our very own party section. Optionally featuring the same glow/black lights as popularized in the arcades of the 1980's, you and your tables will be lit up under a unique effect that temporarily turns anything white purple, and gives everybody a neat glow and the area an awesome purple tint. In addition to these, we go out of our way to specifically purchase disposable UV-reactive utensils, plates, cups, and tablecloths for all parties that are designed to glow in bright neon orange, blue, green, and more only under these unique lights!

Our party area is a part of our main arcade room, giving your guests (but not others) free access to the area at all times. As soon as somebody finishes eating and is ready to play some more, they may!

All parties come with:

- Tables & seating for 10 or 20
- Glow Cutlery (Forks and knives - knives may be given out at your discretion)
- Glow Plates
- Glow Tablecloth
- Glow Napkins
- Glow Cups
- Pizza! (Choice of Pepperoni, Cheese, or Supreme - Includes enough to feed each guest once.)
- Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man in costume will optionally join in on singing happy birthday to you!
- You or your party's name celebrated around the arcade on our LED signs, and announced on microphone
- 2 and a half hours of access to the party section & play time
- Free general admission for the rest of the day after your party is over for ALL guests! (HUGE value worth $1,000+!)
- Memories that will last a lifetime!

10-person parties are $250, 20-person parties are $300. All parties require a $50 non-refundable deposit that will go towards the price of your party.

We do PRIVATE PARTIES, too! While standard parties go on while normal admission to the arcade is still public (but safe), if you would like to rent out the entire arcade exclusively for your party (we will close until your party is over), we can accommodate you. NOTE: While private parties also come with unlimited play after your party like standard parties, the arcade will publicly re-open after your party is over! (However unlike standard parties you may rent it out for as long as you need, price-depending) For this type of party, please call for further details.

Pac-Man (1980)Flash (1979, Williams)Nintendo Switch
Ms. Pac-Man (1981 - rare cabaret/"mini" version)Devil's Dare (1982, Gottlieb)Nintendo Wii U
Vs. Excitebike (1985)World Cup (1978, Williams)Nintendo Wii
Punch-Out!! (1983)Magnotron (1974, Gottlieb)Nintendo GameCube
Street Fighter II (1988)Wild Life (1972, Gottlieb)Nintendo 64
House Of The Dead 3 (2002)Fun Park (1968, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Nintendo SNES
Simpsons Bowling (2000)Domino (1968, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Nintendo NES
Donkey Kong Jr. (1983)Spin-A-Card (1969, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Sony PlayStation 4
Centipede (1980)Mibs (1969, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Sony PlayStation 3
Millipede (Upright) (1982)Aquarius (1970, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Sony PlayStation 2
Millipede (Cocktail Table Version) (1982)High Hand (1973, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Sony PlayStation
Continental Circuit (1987)Sky Jump (1974, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Microsoft Xbox 360
Rush N' Attack (1985)Slick Chick (1962, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Microsoft Xbox
Mario Bros. (1983)Stock Car (1970, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Atari 2600
Space Invaders (1978)Pro Football (1973, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Sega Saturn
Superman (1988)Team One (1977, Gottlieb, "wedgehead")Sega Genesis
Rough Ranger (1988)Comet (1985, Williams)Sega Mega-Drive
Space Firebird (rare cabaret/"mini" version) (1980)Airport (1969, Gottlieb)
Chase H.Q. (1988)Mayfair (1966, Gottlieb)
Twin Eagle (1988)Jive Time (1970, Williams)
Asteroids (1979)Super Star (1972, Williams)
Double Dragon II: The Revenge (1988)Southern Belle (1955, Gottlieb)
Mr. Do's Castle (Cocktail Table Version) (1983)Wild Wild West (1969, Gottlieb)
Missile Command (1980)Skipper (1969, Gottlieb)
Double Axle (1990)Strato-Flite (1974, Gottlieb)
U.N. Squadron (1989)Fireball Classic (1985, Bally)
S.V.C. Chaos (SNK vs Capcom, 2003)Liberty Bell (1977, Williams)
Mortal Kombat (1992)Star-Jet (1962, Bally, ULTRA RARE "HOLY GRAIL"
Golden Axe (1989)Alpine Club (1965, Williams)
Midnight Marauders (EXTREMELY RARE) (1983)Triple Strike (1967, Williams)
Super Hang-On (1987)Rancho (1977, Williams)
NEO-GEO (Games vary) (1990)Out Of Sight (1974, Williams)
Frogger (1981)Skyrocket (1970, Bally, ULTRA RARE AND DESIRABLE)
and more!Space Mission (1974, Williams)
Vagabond (1962, Williams)

Steven was born early in the morning on a spring day of 1998. His childhood was a rather happy one, often spent camping in the outdated campgrounds of Pennsylvania. The old games found in these places fed a nostalgic feeling which stuck with him. In 2014, he rescued his first arcade machine off of Craigslist, and then another, and then another. Most of these weren't working properly (or they'd be much too expensive!), so in order to enjoy the games he had already purchased and also be able to score cheaper games in the future to fit his almost non-existant teenage budget, he taught himself how to repair broken games. He went from replacing buttons all the way up to advanced circuit board repair even to repairing the EXTREMELY advanced electromechanical machines of the decades before circuit boards were invented (thousands of metal blades all must align and be cleaned perfectly!), all entirely self-taught. Due to his budget, he quickly ran out of money, and then began to use his diverse and intensive skills as a business, fixing other people's machines for money. Most of the money gotten from games went right back into buying more games, and slowly but surely Steven began to build a massive and elite collection of both arcade machines and pinball machines. For instance, Steven owns a large amount of extremely nice FULLY ORIGINAL single-player Gottlieb-brand "wedgehead" pinball machines (which are rare to see in one place/collection) which are the most fun and worthy pinball machines around, and are extremely highly-regarded in collector culture. These expensive machines, which mostly go for $800-$3,000 in fair condition each (mint can be more), he was able to snipe for low $100-$300 prices each in immaculate condition just by being patient and being willing to fix games that weren't working. Steven got a perfect rhythm down for picking up games like nobody else could, as well as having an eye for the ones that would turn out immaculate after a little work, and has somehow never spent more than $500 on a single game before in his entire 70 game collection, which is unheard of in any collector community. He made his budget work for him, even when he wanted the best of the best, in the nicest condition. His favorite game is his 1968 Gottlieb Fun Park which he swears has the nicest playfield condition he has ever seen. Minty! He picked it up for a mere $450. His ways of picking up gems of machines often leaves other collectors puzzled and and a tad jealous, but he swears it's just patience, good all around skills, and a true love for the games!

Steven enjoys being fairly humble even with his large collection and enjoys sharing his deep knowledge with others. In 2017 he wrote a 21-chapter guide on servicing electro-mechanical pinball machines and distributed it for free online. He also frequently helps out on online forums with new people looking for help, and often goes to pinball shows and contributes his own machines to the general selection of games just for fun. He loves helping and sharing!

Another reason Steven began to collect these machines is much more personal and sad, however. Steven grew up for all of his life with a condition called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which started out small and insignificant (and unknown) when he was small, and unfortunately progressed as he got older into an unbelievable insanely painful daily battle with his intestines and stomach. He spent many days spent curled up in bed in such ruthless pain. Some female sufferers have described the pain brought on by severe IBS as being similar or even worse than going through labor. Steven experienced awful stomach attacks almost every day, often having a more severe attack at least twice a week which would last for several hours on end. He began to visit countless doctors on many days of the years. In 2013 (age 15) Steven was often in so much pain, as well as anxiety just from the thought of experiencing such pain while away from home, that he needed to leave school. He began online school, but found most of his friends drifted away and the one best friend he had had moved across the country. Alone but still perseverance, he found a hobby in collecting, owning, and restoring these old machines. He found himself not to be so alone with their presence.

Steven had gone through colonoscopies, endoscopies, countless bouts of bloodwork, and much more. While this put a major strain on his willingness to push forward, Steven was never a quitter. He did not let the constant doctor visits drag him down, the only real problem was not one he could push himself out of, the pain. There was nights were he wished it would just put him out of his misery (which thankfully it never did), but nonetheless he never gave in and kept fighting to find a fix. In December of 2014 things got even more challenging when Steven was unexpectedly and surprisingly admitted into emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder. It had been discovered after even more extreme pain that it had got infected and "died" inside of him, had clung to his other insides, and even in medical terms... needed to be "peeled off of them". Gross, yes, but imagine that recovery! The surgery ended up being two and a half hours longer than estimated, and was said to be the hardest gall-bladder removal that surgeon ever had to do. Yeesh! It presented a long recovery time and more permanent changes to his life (which require him do things like eat at least every 6 hours to keep bile from digesting, ouch) but nonetheless Steven muscled through. He was only 16.

Not to worry: Steven fell in love with his soulmate Mallorey in 2015 (who he met online halfway across the country in a love-story type of exciting story, but we'll spare you that!) who has been a huge lovely asset along the way, and after fighting for many many years, in February 2017 Steven finally found management in a specific type of medicine to treat the pain rather than the cause and has been living a relatively normal yet extraordinary life ever since! Today, he can still only eat around 10 foods (plain chicken, plain rice, etc.) but is just very very happy to be living a pain-free life otherwise (usually, but not at all times unfortunately) and still savors and enjoys what he can eat and makes the absolute best of it - and even if could eat anything in the world, he'd still love his normal food!

The dreams of owning an arcade and museum are much bigger to Steven, as due to the effects of his IBS (managed, not cured) and the after-effects of his gallbladder removal, he is unable to work in a typical job setting without struggle and has always strived to run his own businesses, where he can not only make himself as comfortable as possible, but also tend to his needs accordingly. Over the time spent with so much pain, Steven has learned to cherish every day and enjoys the simple yet extraordinary things in life, and has no interest in partaking in frilly dramatic things which he sees as a big waste of time.
His main humble dreams are to start a family with his other-half, own a home, and get married. And of course run an arcade!


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